DMC Releases

Uniting Nations Vs Destiny’s Child – Out of Breath (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 280)
Darude Vs East 57th Street Feat. Donna Allen – Saturday Sandstorm (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 282)
All Saints VS TLC – Pure Scrubs (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 285)
Yomanda VS Love Tribe (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 290)
Energy 52 VS Booty Luv – Cafe Del Rush (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 305)
Beyoncé Vs Mrs Woods – Single Joanna (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 335)
Veracocha VS Britney Spears – Toxic Blanche (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 335)
Katy Perry VS Whitney Houston – I know California (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 335)
David Guetta VS Rihanna – The Only Sexy Chick in the World (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 336)
Afrojack VS Little Boots – Control the Earthquake (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 338)
Kylie Minogue VS Taio Cruz – The Dynamite Way (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 339)
Edward Meyer VS Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull – Love On the Floor (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 340)
Gat Decor VS Adele VS Roll Deep – Rollin’ in the Passion (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 346)
Pitbull feat. Chris Brown VS Bruno Mars – International Grenade (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 349)
Jessie J VS Kylie Minogue – Get Outta my Domino (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 351)
Britney Spears Vs Katy Perry – ‘Til Part of me Ends (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 353)
Black Sabbath VS Christina Aguilera – Paranoid Genie (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 434)
Dead or Alive VS Arianna Grande – Spin me round into you (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 435)
David Guetta feat. Sia VS Britney Spears VS Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera – Hold the titanium against me (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 435)
Corona VS Jennifer Lopez – Waiting for Baby (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 436)
Avicii VS Calvin Harris & Rag ‘N’ Bone Man VS Pamela Fernandez – Wake me up Kicking (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 437)
Sigala fe. Ella Eyre VS Ellie Goulding – Came Here For Love VS Sixteen (Sound-Of-Faz Bootimix) (DMC Commercial Collection 439)
Spice Girls – Spice up your life (Sound-Of-Faz Remix) (DMC Commercial Collection 439)
Kygo, Whitney Houston – Higher love (Sound-Of-Faz Remix) (DMC Commercial Collection 440)
M83 VS Mabel – Mad Love at Midnight (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 440)

White Label Releases

Eminem VS Usher – Without Yeah (Sound Of Faz Mash-Up) (Sound-Of-Faz Productions Volume 1)
Kelis VS Justin Timberlake – Trick Ya Body (Sound Of Faz Mash-Up) (Sound-Of-Faz Productions Volume 1)
Shapeshifters VS Pamela Fernandez – Lola’s Kickin’ (Sound Of Faz Mash-Up) (Faz Productions Volume 1)


Adele – Someone like you (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Beyonce – Single Ladies (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Beyonce & Shakira – Beautiful Liar (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Boney M – Rasputin (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Cast of Glee – Don’t Stop Believing (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Cast of High School Musical – Breaking Free (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Chesney Hawkes-The One And Only (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Eamon – F*** It (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Ellie Goulding – Still falling for you (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Flo-rida – The Club can’t handle me (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Jamelia – Superstar (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Katy Perry – Firework (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Katy Perry – Teenage Dream (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Lady Gaga – Born this way (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Lady Gaga – Lovegame (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Limahl – Never Ending Story (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)


50 Cent VS Destiny’s Child – “Soldier in da club”
Afrojack VS Little Boots – “Control the Earthquake”
All Saints VS TLC – “Pure Scrubs”
Asha VS Ne-Yo – “JJ’s Closer”
ATB Vs Kelly Clarkson – “9pm (Till I walk away)”
Avicii VS Jess Glynne – “Hold my hand, penguin”
Avicii VS Katy Perry – “Penguin Friday”
Avicii VS Leona Lewis – “That bleeding penguin”
Crazy Frog VS Grandmaster Flash – “Axel F got the message”
Barthezz VS Britney Spears – “Oops, I moved again”
Barthezz VS Martha Wash – “Come and move”
Bassheads VS Justin Timberlake – “Is there anybody out there that loves me like I love you”
Bee Gees VS Gwen Stefani – “Stayin’ Rich”
Beyonce VS Fergie – “Crazy In London”
Beyonce vs Mis-Teeq – “Scandalous in love”
Black Eyed Peas VS The Jets – “I gotta crush on you”
Bon Jovi VS Booty Luv – “Shining on a prayer”
Booty Luv VS Energy 52 – “Cafe Del Rush”
Booty Luv VS Freestyle Orchestra – “Don’t Pump With My Man”
Britney Spears VS Katy Perry – “Til Part of me Ends”
Britney vs Liberty X – “Just a little toxic (Played on Heart FM and introduced by Jono Coleman & Harriet Scott)
Britney VS Mis-Teeq – “Baby, one more scandal”
Britney VS Pussycat Dolls – “Don’t you wish you were toxic”
Bronski Beat VS Degrees in motion – “Do you want smalltown boy right now”
Caesars VS Destinys Child – “Independant Jerk”
Calvin Harris VS Lady Gaga – “Flash Romance”
Camisra VS Michael Jackson – “Let me show you who’s bad”
Cascada VS Madonna – “Everytime you freeze”
Chocolate Puma VS Madison Avenue – “Why the hell do I wanna be with you”
Chocolate Puma VS Take That – “I wanna be magic”
Chris Isaak vs Craig David – “Fill my wicked game in” (Played on Heart FM and introduced by Jono Coleman & Harriet Scott)
Corona VS Ce Ce Peniston – “The final rhythm”
Corona VS Jennifer Lopez – “Waiting for baby”
Darude Vs East 57th Street Feat. Donna Allen – “Saturday Sandstorm”
David Guetta VS Rihanna – “Only Sexy Girl In The World”
David Guetta VS Stonebridge – “Just A Little More High Love”
Destinys Child VS Gwen Stefani
Dj Jurgen vs Annie Lennox – “Little Birds Alone”
DJ Quicksilver VS Stonebridge – “Just a little more belissimma”
Dj Sakin & Friends VS Pulse – “Protect your lover”
Dj Sammy VS Ultra Nate – “Found a cure in heaven”
Doop VS Ce Ce Peniston – “Finally, doop”
Duck sauce VS Enrique Eglesias – “Barbra’s a freak”
Edward Meyer VS Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull – “Love On the Floor”
Edward Meyer VS Little Boots – “Stereo earthquake”
Eiffel 65 vs Cher – “Believe in blue”
Element 4 VS Shakira – “Hips don’t lie, brother”
Eminem VS Shaggy – “It wasn’t me that lost myself”
Eminem vs Usher – “Without yeah”
Eminem vs Will Smith – “The real M.I.B”
Energy 52 VS Booty Luv – “Cafe del Rush”
Energy 52 VS Take That – “Magic deal mar”
Eric Prydz VS One Phat Diva – “In and out of my pjanoo”
Example VS ATFC – “Kickstart the habit”
Gat Decor VS Adele VS Roll Deep – “Rollin’ in the passion”
Gat Decor VS Charvoni – “Always passion”
Gat Decor VS Junior Jack – “Stupipassion”
Girls Aloud VS Christina Aguilera – “Ain’t no other love machine”
Girls Aloud VS Timbaland – “Jump and give it to me”
Gnarls Barkley VS Mis-Teeq – “Crazylous”
Green day vs Beyonce – “Check on the boulevard”
Hi-Tack VS Jessica Simpson – “Say Say Say A Little Bit”
House of Pain vs 50 Cent – “Jump around in da club”
Human League VS Missy Elliott – “Don’t you want me working it”
Irene Cara VS Madonna – “Flash of Light”
Jan Hammer VS Beyonce – “Crockett’s theme, baby”
Justin Timberlake VS Skeelo – “I Wish I loved you”
Katy Perry VS Jason Derulo – “Californian girls are in my head”
Katy Perry VS Whitney Housten – “I know California”
Kelis VS Justin Timberlake – “Trick ya body”
Kriss Kross VS Westlife – “Jump without wings”
KT Tunstall VS Amerie – “One thing, black horse”
Kylie Minogue VS Destinys Child – “Can’t get your name out of my head”
Kylie Minogue VS Katy Perry – “Get outta my dream”
Kylie Minogue VS Taio Cruz – “The dynamite way”
Kylie Minogue VS Billy Ray Martin “All the lovin’ arms”
Kylie vs Mary J Blige – “Can’t get family out of my head”
Kylie Minogue VS Sophie Ellis Bexter – “Can’t get over you”
Madonna VS Destiny’s Child – “Hung A Boo”
Madonna VS Rick Astley – “Never gonna give you up on holiday”
Manic VS Booty Luv – “I’m Rushing Hardcore”
Mash Up Kids Vs Whitney – “I wanna dance in the clouds above”
Mason VS Booty Luv – “Shiny Exceeder”
MC Hammer VS Vanilla Ice – “U cant touch my ice baby”
MGMT VS Black Eyed Peas – “I gotta feeling, kid”
Michael Gray VS Black Box – “Ride on the weekend”
Mylo VS Katy Perry – “Californian Pressure”
New Order VS Infernal – Blue Monday in Berlin”
Oasis VS Christina Aguilera – “Genie in a wonderwall”
Outkast VS Ice MC – “Hey ya, think about the way”
Outkast VS Ultra Nate – “Hey Ya Cure”
Paul Van Dyk VS Gwen Stefani – “What you waiting for an angel for”
Paul Van Dyk VS Billy Ray Martin – “Your Lovin’ Angel”
Pot Black VS Timbaland – “The way I pot”
Push VS Madison Avenue – “Who the hell are you stranger”
R Kelly VS Lily Allen – “Happy, Smiley people”
Rank 1 VS Deborah Cox – “Overwave”
Rank 1 vs Jennifer Lopez – Lo – “Waiting for an airwave”
Ray Parker Junior VS Adina Howard – “Freaky Ghosts”
REM vs Beyonce – “Crazy Religion”
REM vs UD Project – “Losing my jam”
Rembrandts VS Amerie – “Just one thing, I’ll be there for you”
Rihanna VS Destinys Child – “Say my unfaithful name”
Rob D vs Eminem – “Clubbed without me”
Robert Miles VS Whitney Houston – “I wanna dance with children”
Royksopp vs Will Smith – “Getting Eple with it”
Safri Duo VS Pamela Fernandez – “Kickin in the Bongos”
Safri Duo VS Mousse T – “Horny Bongos”
Sean Kingston VS Flo-Rida – Beautiful low”
Shapeshifters VS Pamela Fernandez – “Lola’s Kickin'”
Special D VS Dr. Dre ft. Eminem – “Forgot about coming with me”
Stardust VS Kylie – “Music sounds better out of my head”
Sugababes VS Young MC – “Bust a Button”
Survivor VS 50 Cent – “Tiger in da club”
Survivor VS Christina Aguilera – “Dirrty tiger”
Taio Cruz VS Lady Gaga – “Just break your heart and dance”
Tall Paul VS C & C Music Factory – “Keep the house coming”
Tim Berg VS Bruno Mars – “Just the way bromance is”
Timerider VS Britney Spears – “Gimme Cocoon”
Ting Tings VS Pussycat Dolls – “That’s not growing up”
Together VS Christina Aguilera – “Ain’t no other uproar”
Uniting Nations VS Destinys Child – “Out of breath”
Uniting Nations VS Jennifer Lopez – “Waiting for the touch”
Veracocha VS Britney spears – “Toxic Blanche”
Veracocha VS Jennifer Lopez – “Waiting for carte blanche”
Yomanda vs Sophie Ellis better – “Get Over Strings”

Original Productions

Sound-Of-Faz Productions – Let Loose
Sound-Of-Faz Productions – Mellowed