Our library of production work spans across many years. Please see below a definitive list (as far as we can remember!) of every mashup, remix and original work we have produced.


DMC Releases

Uniting Nations Vs Destiny’s Child – Out of Breath (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 280)
Darude Vs East 57th Street Feat. Donna Allen – Saturday Sandstorm (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 282)
All Saints VS TLC – Pure Scrubs (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 285)
Yomanda VS Love Tribe (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 290)
Energy 52 VS Booty Luv – Cafe Del Rush (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 305)
Beyoncé Vs Mrs Woods – Single Joanna (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 335)
Veracocha VS Britney Spears – Toxic Blanche (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 335)
Katy Perry VS Whitney Houston – I know California (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 335)
David Guetta VS Rihanna – The Only Sexy Chick in the World (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 336)
Afrojack VS Little Boots – Control the Earthquake (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 338)
Kylie Minogue VS Taio Cruz – The Dynamite Way (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 339)
Edward Meyer VS Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull – Love On the Floor (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 340)
Gat Decor VS Adele VS Roll Deep – Rollin’ in the Passion (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 346)
Pitbull feat. Chris Brown VS Bruno Mars – International Grenade (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 349)
Jessie J VS Kylie Minogue – Get Outta my Domino (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 351)
Britney Spears Vs Katy Perry – ‘Til Part of me Ends (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 353)
Black Sabbath VS Christina Aguilera – Paranoid Genie (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 434)
Dead or Alive VS Arianna Grande – Spin me round into you (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 435)
David Guetta feat. Sia VS Britney Spears VS Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera – Hold the titanium against me (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 435)
Corona VS Jennifer Lopez – Waiting for Baby (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 436)
Avicii VS Calvin Harris & Rag ‘N’ Bone Man VS Pamela Fernandez – Wake me up Kicking (Sound-Of-Faz Mash Up) (DMC Commercial Collection 437)

White Label Releases

Shapeshifters VS Pamela Fernandez – Lola’s Kickin’ (Sound Of Faz Mash-Up) (Faz Productions Volume 1)
Eminem VS Usher – Without Yeah (Sound Of Faz Mash-Up) (Sound-Of-Faz Productions Volume 1)
Kelis VS Justin Timberlake – Trick Ya Body (Sound Of Faz Mash-Up) (Sound-Of-Faz Productions Volume 1)


Adele – Someone like you (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Beyonce – Single Ladies (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Beyonce & Shakira – Beautiful Liar (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Boney M – Rasputin (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Chesney Hawkes-The One And Only (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Eamon – F*** It (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Ellie Goulding – Still falling for you (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Flo-rida – The Club can’t handle me (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Cast of Glee – Don’t Stop Believing (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Cast of High School Musical – Breaking Free (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Jamelia – Superstar (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Katy Perry – Firework (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Katy Perry – Teenage Dream (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Lady Gaga – Born this way (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Lady Gaga – Lovegame (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)
Limahl – Never Ending Story (Sound-Of-Faz Remix)


50 Cent VS Destiny’s Child
Afrojack VS Little Boots
All Saints VS TLC – Pure Scrubs
Asha VS Ne-Yo
ATB Vs Kelly Clarkson – 9pm (Till I walk)
Avicii VS Jess Glynne
Avicii VS Katy Perry
Avicii VS Leona Lewis
Axel F VS Grandmaster Flash
Barthezz VS Britney Spears
Barthezz VS Martha Wash
Bassheads VS Justin Timberlake
Bee Gees VS Gwen Stefani
Beyonce VS Fergie – Crazy In London
Beyonce vs Mis-Teeq – Scandalous in love
Black Eyed Peas VS The Jets
Bon Jovi VS Booty Luv
Booty Luv VS Energy 52 – Cafe Del Rush
Booty Luv VS Freestyle Orchestra – Don’t Pump With My Man
Britney Spears VS Katy Perry – Til Part of me Ends
Britney vs Liberty X (Played on Heart FM)
Britney VS Mis-Teeq
Britney VS Pussycat Dolls
Bronski Beat VS Degrees in motion
Caesars VS Destinys Child
Calvin Harris VS Lady Gaga – Flash Romance
Camisra VS Michael Jackson
Cascada VS Madonna
Chocolate Puma VS Madison Avenue – Why the hell do I wanna be with you
Chocolate Puma VS Take That – I wanna be magic
Chris Isaak vs Craig David (Played on Heart FM)
Corona VS Ce Ce Peniston
Darude VS East 57th street
David Guetta VS Rihanna – Only Sexy Girl In The World
David Guetta VS Stonebridge – Just A Little More High Love
Destinys Child VS Gwen Stefani
Dj Jurgen vs Annie Lennox – Little Birds Alone
Dj Sakin & Friends VS Pulse
Dj Sammy VS Ultra Nate
Doop VS Ce Ce Peniston
Duck sauce VS Enrique Eglesias
Edward Meyer VS J-LO
Edward Meyer VS Little Boots
Eiffel 65 vs Cher – Believe in blue mp3
Element 4 VS Shakira
Eminem VS Shaggy
Eminem vs Usher
Eminem vs Will Smith-The real M.I.B
Energy 52 VS Booty Luv
Energy 52 VS Take That
Eric Prydz VS One Phat Diva
Example VS ATFC – Kickstart the habit
Gat Decor VS Adele VS Roll Deep
Gat Decor VS Charvoni
Gat Decor VS Junior Jack – Stupipassion
Girls Aloud VS Christina Aguilera
Girls Aloud VS Timbaland
Gnarls Barkley VS Mis-Teeq – Crazylous
Green day vs Beyonce
Hi-Tack VS Jessica Simpson – Say Say Say A Little Bit
House of Pain vs 50 Cent
Human League VS Missy Elliott
Irene Cara VS Madonna-Flash of Light
Jan Hammer VS Beyonce
Jennifer Lopez VS Edward Meyer – Love on the floor
Justin Timberlake VS Skeelo
Katy Perry VS Jason Derulo
Katy Perry VS Whitney Housten
Kelis VS justin – Trick ya body (PROPER)
Kriss kross VS Westlife – Jump without wings
KT Tunstall VS Amerie
Kylie Minogue VS Destinys Child
Kylie Minogue VS Katy Perry (SOF Mash)
Kylie Minogue VS Taio Cruz
Kylie VS Billy Ray Martin (SOF Mix)
Kylie vs Destinys Child – Cant get your name out of my head
Kylie vs Mary J Blige
Kylie Minogue VS Sophie Ellis Bexter
Madonna VS Destiny’s Child – Hung-A-Boo
Madonna VS Rick Astley
Manic VS Booty Luv – I’m Rushing Hardcore
Mash Up Kids Vs Whitney
Mason VS Booty Luv – Shiny Exceeder (SOF010)
MC Hammer VS Vanilla Ice – U cant touch my ice baby
MGMT VS Black Eyed Peas
Michael Gray VS Black Box – Ride on the weekend
Mylo VS Katy Perry – Californian Pressure
New Order VS Infernal
Oasis VS Christina Aguilera
Outkast VS Ultra Nate – Hey Ya Cure
Paul Van Dyk VS Gwen Stefani – What you waiting for an angel for?
Paul Van Dyk VS Billy Ray Martin – Your Lovin’ Angel
Pot Black VS Timbaland
Push VS Madison Avenue
Pussycat Dolls VS Ting
DJ Quicksilver VS Stonebridge
R Kelly vs Destiny’s Child
R Kelly VS Lily Allen
R. Kelly VS Destiny’s Child
Rank 1 VS Deborah Cox – Overwave
Rank 1 vs J – Lo – Waiting for an airwave
Ray Parker Junior VS Adina Howard – Freaky Ghosts
REM vs Beyonce – Crazy Religion
REM vs UD Project
Rembrandt VS Amerie
Rihanna VS Destinys Child
Rob D vs Eminem – Clubbed without me
Robert Miles VS Whitney Houston
Tall Paul VS C & C Music Factory
Royksopp vs Will Smith
Safri Duo VS Pamela Fernandez – Kickin in the Bongos
Safri Duo VS Mousse T – Horny Bongos
Sean Kingston VS Flo-Rida
Shapeshifters VS Madonna
Shapeshifters VS Pamela Fernandez – Lola’s Kickin’
Special D VS Dr. Dre ft. Eminem
Stardust VS Kylie
Sugababes VS Young MC – Bust-A-Button
Survivor VS 50 Cent – Tiger in da club
Survivor VS Christina Aguilera
Survivor VS Public Enemy VS Scissor Sisters
Taio Cruz VS Lady Gaga
Ice MC VS Outkast
Tim Berg VS Bruno Mars
Timerider VS Britney Spears
Ting Tings VS Pussycat Dolls
Together VS Christina Aguilera
Uniting Nations VS Destinys Child
Uniting Nations VS Jennifer Lopez
Veracocha VS Britney spears – Toxic Blanche
Veracocha VS Jennifer Lopez
Yomanda vs Sophie Ellis better – Get Over Strings

Original Productions

Sound-Of-Faz Productions – Let Loose
Sound-Of-Faz Productions – Mellowed

For all booking or production enquiries please follow the link below to get in touch.