Remixes & Mash-Ups for the Commercial dancefloor

Latest Music

A lot of our music is released on the DMC Commercial Collection monthly collections which can be purchased by clicking on the logo below.


Sound-Of-Faz has been producing remixes and mash-ups for many years. What started off as a sideline quickly became something more with our remixes now being played out in clubs and parties the length and breadth of the country.

Our aim is to produce energetic, fun productions with influences from the euphoric trance tracks of 1998/1999 which can be felt in much of our work.

From the first self-funded white label (Faz Productions Volume 1) to the regular DMC releases, we strive to create commercially friendly productions that can be played at any mainstream event or club night.

We have a dedicated following across all social networks from facebook to tumbler and our youtube releases get hundreds of thousands of views. We are also a regular contributor to DMC Records